Instrumental releases

The instrumental music I have released so far can be broadly categorized as glitch-hop, but it also draws inspiration from genres such as romanticism and jazz.


Albert is a glitch-hop song with a singing robot. It highlights my love of vocal sampling and the onorthodox ways I like to construct a groove.

april fourth 2021

The Comet Library

The Comet Library is my first full-length album. I made it in chronological order and all the songs flow into each other. I'm proud of how it balances bouncy, electronic sections with more quiet and lyrical moments.

september first 2020

Vocal releases

I love Vocaloid music, so one day I decided to make pop songs with vocal synths myself. I mainly use Synthesizer V's Eleanor Forte library for the vocals. The video's are noteable because I made them myself. Some by 3D modeling scenes in Blender, others such as In a Sunlit Park by just doing a whole lot of editing. I do often use third-party assets or illustrations, credits are in the descriptions.

Original songs

Some of these songs are very poppy, especially All I Ever Wanted, which is just shamelessly pop. I'm especially proud of Watching Snow Fall Again, I like how the lyrics feel very true to myself even though the story is fictional. Another highlight is Ghosts on my Shelf, mostly because I think the production turned out really well and there are some interesting rhythms and modulations in there.

An outlier is Z, which I made for the Miku Expo 2020 song contest. It's very big and loud.
Tomjoy · Z ft. Hatsune Miku 【MIKU EXPO 2020 Song Contest】


I have so far made two covers. My Funny Valentine is my interpretation of an old jazz standard, it has some of the most expressive vocal synth tuning I have ever done. For The Prayer I tried to mimic the production of the original, an old Bloc Party song, while adding some things that I liked here and there.

Other music

Adventure with Friend

I composed this to relfect and compliment the artwork in the video. It's one of my more experimental songs and I'm very proud of it.

Deep Sea Flower

This is an audiovisual compostion, I made the video in Touchdesigner. It all works in realtime, I didn't do any editing or post processing except to add the title.

Koukou rescored

This is a segment of Koukou, a short animation by Takashi Ohashi, that I made new music for. The music is based on a single synthesizer note that I added a whole lot of effects to. I then automated those effects to make the music react to the video.

Electronic Acoustic Ambient

This is a binaural composition for headphones inspired by acoustic ambient music, such as Nels Cline's Lovers. I tried to recreate the intimacy of such music with purely electronic means, I did everything on my laptop without using any microphones or (samples of) physical instruments. I made the visualizer myself in Touchdesigner.

A Million Ways

A song I made to explore some sound design ideas in a live setting. I made some custom Max For Live devices for it.